About Us

Note from the Founder and CEO Dennis Dial:

I graduated from Texas Tech in 1978, and moved to Dallas with Business Degree in hand and got busy interviewing for my “big job outta college.” I landed a job with a big company and put on a suit and tie and worked for one day and came home and quit. I had decided that I did not want to depend on some big company to take care of me and trust them not to lay me off and live for that one week vacation each year. I went to work bartending in Addison and made great money and traveled the world. Best decision of my life.

After 12 years working for other owners and watching them treat people poorly, I decided I could do it better. I had saved my money and found a little spot in Addison and bet it all on Cafe Gecko. I had spent a lot of time in Cozumel, Mexico and grew to love the lime and garlic flavor of the cuisine there which inspired my menu. My big declaration was that anybody could make a beer cold, but the longevity is in the food. I used the best ingredients I could buy and came up with a unique menu that has not changed much in 27 years. Ask any of our devoted regulars and the thing that keeps them coming back is indeed the great food.